Qisu English Reading Comprehension Monthly Catalogue (High Third edition in 2022)

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1. Science lesson from space Platform 2.3. A 3,000-year-old mummy has been digitally unsealed for the first timeFor nearly three months!The volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma has finally stopped erupting. The eagle is a symbol of hope after a tornado in Lake Relford.8. Seagulls rob ice cream, causing four-year-old boy to go blind 9. Katy Perry: That’s me 10.12. Do men have worse cold symptoms than women?13. Kids don’t like learning?It could be the parents!Chinese Food in America: a Journey to Find Chinese Roots in the past 70’sInternet anchor Viya Was fined 1.341 billion yuan for evading taxes.Do not charge electronic devices in bed when sleeping. Do you know that?Cats and dogs drink water in completely different ways oil tanker explosion kills dozens in HaitiWhy do older couples tend to die off?Bear footprints found 233.7 million years ago have been confirmed as belonging to early humans.24Why do women like to watch sad movies with their friends?25. British teenager survives crocodile attack in Zambezi River26. Do you know anything about underwater volcanic eruptions?A miracle happened in Benjamin’s family (cloze fill)A German Renaissance painting sold for $30 is worth more than $10 million