Jin Boyang: I hope to do my best and leave no regrets

2022-05-12 0 By

Qingdao Daily/Sea News Beijing, February 6 — Jin Boyang learned to accept his own failure in figure skating.Jin Boyang of China took part in the men’s singles free skating competition of the team figure skating competition this morning. Although he made some mistakes in the competition, jin boyang adjusted his performance smoothly and laid a good foundation for the individual competition later.For his performance, Jin Boyang said, although the overall performance is ok, but there is still some gap from the ideal state.”I want to do my best in singles and leave no regrets,” he said.Kim Boyang came on stage for the second time today, dancing to the soft and warm Bolero music and finishing the whole routine in one go.After finishing the song, Jin Boyang smiled and raised his hands to show a big heart. He thanked the audience for their support, and the audience rewarded him with more warm applause and cheers.155.04 points, Kim Boyang set a personal season scoring high.”I came out today very relaxed and very happy. I did all the difficult jumps, but I made some simple mistakes.””I hope I can adjust in time and learn from my previous failures in the individual competition to better show my level,” Kim said.Kim Boyang is in training.Obviously, Jin Boyang, competing in his second Winter Olympics, is a little less green and a little more composed than his 20-year-old self four years ago, which he concluded was because he had learned to “accept my failures.””Every time I used to play, I just wanted to do it, I just wanted to do it no matter what, whether it was sideways or sideways.But the coach told me that you have to accept your failures, and sometimes if you don’t accept your failures, it can get messy.It doesn’t matter if you fail, everyone fails, and when you fail, you want to move on, adjust, be flexible, embrace your failure, step by step, and leave no regrets.”In 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Jin Boyang competed in men’s singles competition. He ranked fourth in the short program and fifth in the free skate, and ranked fourth among all the competitors with a total score of 297.77. Although he was only one step away from the podium, he still set the best record of Chinese men’s singles in the Winter Olympics.However, for that experience, Jin Boyang remembers most or “nervous” two words.In a previous interview, he said he was so nervous that “tears even welled up in my eyes when I was getting ready.”Times have changed. That young boy has grown into a real man, and he has learned to let go and enjoy the game.Jin boyang said he has been training twice as much as he did in the last Olympic cycle in preparation for the Beijing Games and has lost 10 kilograms in the past year.Sufficient physical and mental reserves, also let Jin Boyang full of confidence in the following game, he said: “than after the first two games, I am more relaxed.The rest of the individual competition was about having fun and showing the Spirit of the Chinese people, and I achieved my goal.”(Zhang Yu, Special correspondent of Qingdao Daily/Sea View News)