Snow princess Gu Ailing, who won the eighth gold medal in the Winter Olympics, owes her success to her mother’s support

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At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a number of ambitious young people emerged. While cheering for the Olympic athletes, we also let people recognize many outstanding college students with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physical education and beauty.May be in some people’s eyes, sports students generally poor performance in cultural classes, some people drop out of school in their teens, and then join the professional youth training team, some students even admitted to the university, but also take the college entrance examination channel, in short, cultural class performance is generally poor.However, today’s social environment has changed, many sports students, without delaying the learning of cultural classes, will be very refined sports, during the college entrance examination, many sports students, whether professional courses, or the results of the unified examination, are very good.Ice princess GuAiLing, won the Beijing Olympics eighth gold from the President of all won the games first gold medal, the people in admire their exercise capacity at the same time, only to find that, originally he is Beijing sports university graduate students, the title in the evening, still worried about their homework problem, can not help but let a person plaint, successful people indeed as expected in the unremitting efforts in all aspects.When it comes to outstanding students in sports competitions, no one is better than Gu Ailing, who won two gold MEDALS and one silver at the 2022 Winter Olympics with her super strength, confirming her title of “Snow princess”.At home match, tension is inevitable, Gu Ailing’s first match, with ultra high difficulty to achieve the reverse attack;In the second game, although she won the silver medal, she could not conceal her superb skills.And in the third halfpipe final, it is with absolute strength, for our country won the eighth Gold medal in the Winter Olympics.Her success is dependent on the mother’s strong support and encouragement GuAiLing big proud achievements in the ski field, has become a charming story, 00 after the girl who was born in the United States, is from outstanding students family, mother GuYan after the master’s degree from Beijing university, to further study at Stanford university, father graduated from Harvard University, and students with excellent grades, parents have such a high IQ,It is not hard to understand why Gu is good at school.Moreover, Gu’s grandparents are also students with excellent grades. Her grandfather was a top student in Stanford University, her grandmother studied in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and her grandfather also graduated from famous universities in China.Living in such an intellectual family, even students with poor talent are sure to succeed in their studies through hard work. Moreover, Gu Is naturally intelligent and can devote herself to everything she does.Gu’s success is inseparable from her mother’s great pattern and wisdom. During the growth of her daughter, her mother has been implementing the education mode combining Chinese and American education, and her creative and active thinking ability has been well cultivated by receiving American education.During the holidays, her mother would take her to Beijing to study Chinese and Mathematical Olympiad in depth. Gu Ailing said that one week of studying Mathematical Olympiad in China was equal to one year of studying in the United States, which was also the advantage of Chinese education, which was perfectly used by Gu Yan to the utmost.The divorce of her parents did not affect the talented teenager. Instead, she loved life even more. Because her mother was constantly infiltrating Chinese culture during her growing up, she decided to become a Chinese citizen at the age of 15 and appeared in various major sports events as a Chinese athlete.Despite her achievements in sports, she did not leave her studies behind. Owing to her parents’ excellent student genes and her own unremitting efforts, she completed all the high school courses in the United States in only one year and obtained her high school diploma in advance.Often play away and training, is bound to affect academic performance, even so, without delay under the condition of training and competition, GuAiLing took part in the college entrance examination SAT, and with the grade first admitted by Stanford university and have learned she was a total of 1580 points, the full score is 1600 points, just 20 get full marks.In an environment where education is so important, Gu Yan does not have specific requirements for her daughter, but tries her best to meet her daughter’s wishes, especially in the skiing arena, where she spends a lot of time and money.Her mother taught her that she should never stop learning at any time. Under the influence of her mother, Gu Has developed a state of 100% devotion to whatever she does. Concentration is the best way to learn.Gu Was born in a family of students with excellent academic performance, which means she has been ahead of others on the starting line. However, genius is 1% talent and 99% sweat. Most of Gu’s success comes from nurture.Talent is not terrible. What is terrible is that talented people work harder than ordinary people and eventually reach a height that other students cannot reach.In the end: parents love their children is selfless, we admire Gu Ailing’s advantageous growth environment at the same time, do not ignore the mother behind the strength, a single mother in a foreign land, to train her daughter so excellent, the hard work and sweat can be imagined.In fact, the mother saw her daughter injured in the training, also very distressed, but never say discouraged words, silently stood behind her daughter, let her daughter choose their own life.Do you like Gu Ailing?If you are interested in this article, please feel free to share it with us.