Sanhe City’s fiscal revenue achieves a “good start” in the first month ahead of schedule

2022-05-15 0 By

Hebei News (Liu Ran, Sun Xingwang) As of January 28, 2022, Sanhe City’s general public budget revenue has reached 736 million yuan, accounting for 11.1% of the annual plan, with a year-on-year growth of 7.2%, achieving a “good start” for the first month three days ahead of schedule, laying a good start for the stable economic operation of the whole year.The year of 2022 is held the party’s two big, is the years of “difference” the all-round planning, is the key to the construction of “five sanhe” for a year, for the open bureau, a good step, since this year, the city bureau of finance work closely around the word pledge, seek improvement in stability overall tone, with good financial income “combination”, adhere to the open source throttling, optimization of structure, revitalize the stock, with good increment,We spared no efforts to raise financial resources and collect and manage revenue, and met the target of government revenue for the first month ahead of schedule despite overcoming the adverse impact of the epidemic prevention and control.Fiscal revenue “off to a good start” in the first month, boosted the confidence and determination of the development of sanhe.Next, the city finance bureau will continue to further implement the CPC municipal committee and municipal government decision deployment, coagulation hearts meet force, overcome difficult, scientific and accurate implementation of proactive fiscal policy, and as the market main body to bail out and support the development of entity economy, strengthening analysis forecast and operation adjustment at the same time, better play a role of stable economic growth, and to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honours.