Quanzhou tourism must be punched: a zhongshan road, quanzhou history of thousands of years

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Zhongshan Street in Quanzhou is a commercial street with southern Fujian characteristics. Its history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, when it was a main street connecting Quanshanmen (now Zhongshan Park) and Xiaoyangmen (now Huaxiang entrance).By the end of the Tang Dynasty, quanzhou expanded, and the southern end of Zhongshan Road extended to the area around today’s Tumen Street.In the Song Dynasty, Zhongshan Street was extended again, reaching Chaotianmen (today’s Huancheng Road) in the north and Deji Men in the south, with a total length of about 2.5 kilometers, basically forming the current size.At the beginning of the last century, many overseas Chinese who made their fortune in Nanyang returned home and poured their money into Zhongshan Street, which gradually became a bustling commercial street.The buildings on Zhongshan Street also retained the traditional style of Nanyang architecture at that time – “arcade building”.Due to the climate characteristics of Southeast Asian countries, the sun is very fierce, and often sudden rain.Therefore, they used the method of adding corridor in front of the room to avoid the heat, forming the modern commercial and residential buildings.The arcade building built by overseas Chinese on Zhongshan Road in Quanzhou added some characteristics of Chinese culture and was localized once again.This relief of “Carp dragon” is very eye-catching, walking in zhongshan street, it is difficult not to be attracted by it.During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, with the gradual expansion of quanzhou’s area, the city walls eventually built around the city looked like a jumping carp, so quanzhou city at that time was also known as “carp City”.The meaning of the carp dragon, just like the southern Fujian people often say that “love to fight will win”, although it is a carp but when you fight out, how can you know that they will not become the real dragon over the dragon gate?Just like the Song and Yuan dynasties 1,000 years ago, the houses on the middle road in Quanzhou are decorated with the characteristics of multiple ethnic groups and countries.It has domed Windows in the Islamic style and domed Windows in the European style, and even maintains a Christian chapel on upper Middle Street.Although it is a bustling commercial street, it is also a residential area for residents.Houses above the second floor often see green plants planted by residents protruding out of the wall.Zhongshan Road is not only commercial atmosphere, but also full of thick life.If you like the bustle, you can choose to come to Zhongshan Street in the evening.A road crossing zhongshan Street is the famous “West Street”. The Great Kaiyuan Temple on the west street is the place where tourists must punch in when they arrive in Quanzhou.At night, Xi Jie turns into a bustling food street, which also brings crowds to nearby Zhongshan Jie.If you like quiet, you can choose to come to Zhongshan Street in the early morning.In the early morning, the shops are still closed, and the city is just waking up, with only the electric scooter racing up and down the streets.I like quanzhou after quiet, no noise and noise, I can see the beauty through time and space.Friends who come to quanzhou to travel, please be sure to leave time for “Zhongshan Street”, do not be confused by the title of “commercial street”, business is its name, and life is its true.