Property stocks were paralyzed

2022-05-26 0 By

Real estate stocks scared paralysis!The chart above shows the 15 industry sectors with the biggest decline in A shares today. Real estate ranked third, falling 2.82%.Many insurance companies are heavily exposed to real estate, so the a-share sector fell 2.8%.Banks, which are closely linked to real estate, fell 1.94%.And local products, insurance, banks fell together, the market naturally can not carry.The Shanghai Composite index fell 34 points today, or nearly 1%.Analysis believes that the direct cause of the situation of real estate stocks today is a speech by Yu Liang, the head of Vanke.But is real estate really so vulnerable?Since the fourth quarter of last year, the warm wind of the property market has been blowing. From the key meeting to clearly support reasonable housing demand, to the central bank cut the reserve requirement ratio and interest rate, to support housing enterprises to return to normal financing, and to the National Development and Reform Commission to encourage the Spring Festival housing, the policy change has been very obvious.What do you think the real estate market will look like in the future? Leave a comment below.