Ningwu county issued a “civilized worship, peace tomb-sweeping day” proposal

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Another year qingming, spring breeze sunset send sorrow.In the memorial forefathers, the dead, on the arrival of their grief is a traditional festival for further advance the transforming social traditions, make the masses through a civilized health, thrift, environmental protection, safe and orderly qingming, ningwu new era civilization practice center, the county to the county people’s government, put forward the following initiatives: resistance to disease is heavy, health martyrs.The regulations and requirements of the county epidemic prevention and control leading group should be strictly implemented, and no cross-provincial or cross-regional cults should be advocated, and online or substitute cults should be encouraged.When on-site ritual visits are really needed, epidemic prevention measures such as peak-shift ritual visits, body temperature testing, two-yard inspection, information registration, and wearing masks should be carried out in coordination with the government, and the ritual visits should be simplified, the number of ritual visits should be controlled, and the duration of ritual visits should be shortened.Law-abiding, safe worship.Strictly observe the regulations on the forest fire prevention, open flame is strictly prohibited, throw cigarette butts, incense burning fake, setting off firecrackers, such as illegal martyrs in the fire behavior, to protect the forest, grassland resources and people’s life and property safety, advocate green travel, the love of the natural environment, with practical action to ensure the use of fire safety, protect green water of castle peak, ensure safe, civilized and orderly martyrs’s activities.Change customs, civilization worship.Sacrifice and abundance is not as thick as raising, should be filial piety, thick raise thin burial.To advocate flowers to sweep, tree planting, family memorial, outing remote offering, writing to express feelings and other ways of mourning, memory of the dead, sustenance of grief.Don’t engage in feudal superstition, bid farewell to evil customs, and combine the memory of the deceased with the promotion of fine family traditions and inheritance of the spirit of the deceased, and make positive contributions to cultivate civilized local customs, good family traditions and simple folk customs with their own actions.Lead by example.Party members, officials and public officials should set an example by taking the lead in thrifty funeral ceremonies, low-carbon sacrificial ceremonies, observing epidemic prevention regulations, and resisting outdated customs. They should not be extravagant, wasteful, or comparing themselves with each other. Instead, they should set an example in civilized sacrificial ceremonies, be pioneers in eradicating bad habits, and promote changing customs and customs.Sacrificial worship is the memory and respect of ancestors, civilization is the embodiment of the development and progress of The Times.Let’s take active action, start from now, start from ourselves, speak civilization, tree new wind, contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic in our county and promote changing customs!Ningwu County New Era Civilization Practice Center Ningwu County Civilization Office March 28, 2022