Marvel Vs Marvel, voted player’s favorite game of the Year, opens the binary universe and promotes Sister Johansson’s cheongsam

2022-06-09 0 By

Hearth of the game, for the card the player must not strange, since BFS listed, are basically take in top in card games, playing CARDS people gathering place a planeswalker camp, hearth basically every year accounts for most of a planeswalker camp player vote, especially in the recently launched “rupture” of alterac after the new version, hearth of word of mouth is soaring.But, even so, in 2021 a planeswalker camp voted the annual game on the list, one game is still under hearth so rapid offensive, successfully of the hearth, won the year’s most popular online games and annual two awards, the most popular mobile games this game is diffuse wei, one of the biggest dark horse 2021 card industry.Marvel Showdown is a card game co-produced by NetEase and Marvel. It was released in late September 2021, causing quite a stir in the card industry.The discussion reached its peak among card players.Soaked in the battle of up potential, however, is according to follow, first of all, it is a vast universe as the background, through the game joined the super 150 diffuse superhero, referred to as gaming “diffuse encyclopedia”, not only such, netease art team has been praised by players, is devoted to the diffuse superhero made a high-definition 3 d models,And it uses the industry’s leading 3D holographic technology, so that every Marvel superhero can jump out of the screen to fight, and has the same dynamic skill effects as 3D blockbuster, is the first in the card industry.In addition, Marvel Vs. Marvel is also the most innovative card game in the world. According to the official website, there are more than 1,400 trillion card combinations in Marvel vs. Marvel, which is basically the most in the world, and the most innovative in gameplay mechanics.Countless card players are addicted to the novel mode of self-moving chess + cards.More recently, Marvel’s Clash of Worlds has released the new Binary Universe expansion, which brings new gameplay to two card games. The first is a meatdove card RPG, where you can choose a hero leader to go on an adventure, in which you encounter 100% random adventure events.The second is the two-player union mode, which allows players to unlock the game by voice in real time and exchange cards for easy top-matching, each of which is a huge innovation in the card world.In addition to the new model play, diffuse wei fight also brought new Spring Festival costume super heroes, let widowed elder sister put on Chinese wind of black silk qipao a new expansion “dualistic universe” propaganda, also brought the Wolf uncle, iron man, is a unified Chinese style costume, have to say, netease whole life has always been a set, and diffuse confrontation will they make the card,As long as you participate in the Spring Festival activities can receive free!I have to say that NetEase does have its own unique understanding of making cards. What do you think of the new version of Marvel Showdown?