Kunming: Koi wish good luck, yinhu happy New Year

2022-06-10 0 By

In the north square of Kunming Henglong Plaza, the theme of “Golden Lotus New Year, Light of leeching Carp” became a clocking point for citizens to warm up the festival.A school of lovely gilt koi fish glides across the sky. Beneath the koi, the market of good luck is bustling with people and laughing.Koi sky lanterns with good luck market, yinhu good things and all kinds of goods, and pedestrians to celebrate the Spring Festival together.Good luck Market has 4 major divisions, “intangible cultural Heritage” cultural and creative area, traditional Peking Opera mask production culture linked marvel heroes, children’s attention has been attracted to the past;Handmade flowers feature area, gorgeous cloud flowers thriving;Ham and bacon, cakes and dried fruits, snacks and candies in the Spring Festival shopping area are deeply loved by the elderly.Passing by the food area, people try to eat handmade sweets, handmade cakes, coffee, fruit beer and other drinks, and then buy the delicious food that touches their taste buds.As night falls, koi lights up with bright light, bringing good luck to people from Yinhu during the Spring Festival.Yunnan net reporter Hu Yuya photography report