I wish you all a happy New Year!Powerful,

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The Spring Festival of 2022 has arrived as scheduled. I don’t know whether you are staying with your families or staying in different cities due to the epidemic.But no matter where you are, after a whole year of wrestling with serious reality, it’s time to take a break and relax.You may come from different cities, have different occupations and ages, and have completely different life experiences and situations, but no matter what, we all have one identity in common, that is, gamers.This year we’ve seen a lot of interesting stories, characters and unforgettable adventures in the world of video games.And in the near future, you and I will be faded, god eater, savior, adventurer shuttled between different worlds.Over the past year, Star Has done a few things and taken a few detours, not meeting everyone’s demand for content and services in many ways.We’ve taken note of all the feedback and are working hard to improve in the direction everyone wants.Of course, change does not happen overnight. Please give us some time.In 2022, we want to be a friend to every homeless gamer, sharing unforgettable experiences and memories, and exploring the infinite joys of video games with you.Finally, the outbreak continues to recur. No matter where you are right now, please take care of yourself while enjoying the Spring Festival holiday.And, as always, I wish you all the best of luck in finding your own path and the important people in your journey in 2022.Happy and healthy year of the Tiger!