The world’s top 500 and the mythical paradise are here!20 “culture +” industrial projects have settled in this base

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Yangtze River Daily big Wuhan client on March 29 (reporter Wang Juan correspondent Wen Xing) On March 29, wuhan cultural investment and development Group’s central China digital publishing base (Zhi Gu cultural Industrial Park) investment signing conference held in Han.The overall operation of the park started to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter: 20 projects were signed to enter the second phase of the park, covering digital creativity, industrial design, intelligent connected vehicles, cultural tourism, cultural finance and other “culture +” emerging industries, with a total investment of 5.387 billion yuan.Central China National Digital Publishing Base (Zhigu Cultural Industrial Park).Invested, built and operated by Wuhan Cultural Investment Group, Central China National Digital Publishing Base (Zhigu Cultural Industrial Park) is the first national digital publishing base in Central China and the only one in The province.Adhering to the positioning of “digital cultural industry comprehensive service platform”, the park is gradually being built into a distinctive cultural industrial park with distinctive main business, featuring digital publishing and integrated development of culture, science and technology and industrial design.In recent years, the park has won the titles of “National Copyright Demonstration Park (Base)”, “The first pilot Park of the deep integration of modern Service industry and advanced Manufacturing industry in Hubei Province”, “Wuhan Design Capital Demonstration Park” and so on.On the scene of the conference, Zhigu Cultural Industrial Park signed strategic cooperation agreements with 20 domestic leading enterprises, including Wuhan Hongtao Asset, Visteon Asia Pacific, Hubei Voke Intelligent Technology, Dongfeng Raptors Technology, Shanshui Grand Ceremony, Hubei Bank, Yunfan New materials, Wuhan Zhongke Advanced Technology Research Institute and so on.These enterprises have high specifications, large investment scale and strong innovation capacity, and many of them have the core competitiveness of “sharp plate eyes”.The presence of Wuhan Zhongke Advanced Technology Research Institute and Yunfan New Material Company will help solve the “bottleneck” problem through a number of core technology patents of their own.Visteon Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Co., LTD., a fortune global 500 company, will build a WUHAN R&D center in Zhigu, which will echo the Shanghai R&D center from a distance to become its dual R&D center in Asia Pacific.The “Digital Mountain and Sea Wonderland” project jointly invested 150 million yuan by Wuhan Cultural Investment Group and Shanshui Shengdian Company is the first immersive digital performance IP with the theme of “Chinese Summer myth system” in China, and will become a new landmark of wuhan city’s cultural tourism.A national human resource service industrial park with an area of 22,000 square meters opened on The same day.The Yangtze River Cultural Industry Research Institute, led by THE GROUP, was also launched at the same time. It will cooperate with experts and scholars from national Institute of Cultural Development of Wuhan University, Municipal Academy of Social Sciences and other think tanks to contribute wisdom to the development of Wuhan’s cultural industry.After the overall operation and opening of zhigu Cultural Industrial Park, it will form a characteristic cultural industrial park with a total scale of 500,000 square meters and a collection of “production, living and ecology”. By 2025, it will achieve 300 enterprises, 30 billion yuan of assets, 20,000 people of employment and 1 billion yuan of tax contributions.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: