Reminder: These things can be done online (issue 1)

2022-06-20 0 By

At the moment of the epidemic, Suzhou Public Security has advocated “staying indoors and doing things online”. The general public can handle all kinds of public security business without leaving home through online service platforms such as “Suzhou Public Security Integrated online Government affairs Service Platform”, “Suzhou Public Security Micro Police Service”, “Suzhou Public Security APP”, “Traffic Management 12123APP”, “Jiangsu Government Affairs Service Network” and “Suzhouzhou”.We will introduce the related functions of the platform by stages.In this episode, we are going to tell you how to handle traffic police business online.Vehicle pass, the whole process “online do” at present, truck temporary pass, construction vehicle pass, non-toxic dangerous goods transport pass can be handled online.Taking the temporary pass for trucks, which has reached more than 2000 pieces every day, as an example, we briefly introduce how to handle business on the Internet.First side registers the computer log in “suzhou public security integration of online government service platform”, in “suzhou public security ‘flagship store” section, click on the “temporary trucks pass” directly, or on the mobile end micro WeChat visit suzhou public security police – micro service – > > of the palm “temporary trucks pass” matters, can enter the page.According to the system prompt, fill in the information, upload the application materials, choose the driving route, you can complete the declaration.After the application is completed, you can check the progress of the application in the function of “My Application” on the home page. If the application is approved, click the details button to download and print the temporary truck pass.Open the APP and click more buttons, you can see 17 motor vehicle businesses, 14 driving license businesses, 4 illegal handling businesses, 3 accidents, 10 learning and education businesses, and 3 convenience services that can be handled.These matters can also be accessed at the “Traffic Safety Integrated Service Management Platform” office on the computer “traffic Safety Integrated Service Management platform”, you can learn the latest information,After real-name registration and login, support processing of the following 11 motor vehicle business, 11 driving license business, 2 illegal handling business, 9 full mark examination business.The general public and staff of local units are requested to take good personal protection, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, refrain from organizing or participating in unnecessary gathering activities, consciously avoid going out, visiting, gathering or gathering, maintain a social distance of more than one meter, and actively cooperate with the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures.Knitting series of nuclear hair | | xia Ming zhang blue to source | e-government service management team write a note in your heart we are looking forward to communicate with you